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About This Site was created by Steven Cochrane, who is—if you can't tell by the name—not himself a Mennonite. The site came about in February of 2009 when by boyfriend (who lives in Winnipeg), told me about a game that some of his friends had devised, in which players take turns shouting plausible-sounding Mennonite names at one another. I can only assume that they came up with this in February of another year, when the Winter Crazies were at their peak.

Not being from Manitoba (or, indeed, any other place with an unusually high concentration of Mennonites), my own knowledge of Mennonite nomenclature was far less intimate and far less ingrained than that of the company I keep. I could muster a "Menno Wiebe!" or a "Harry Dyck!" but after that I was more or less tapped out. Still, I wanted to play along, so I wrote a simple PHP script that would randomly combine entries from two lists of common Mennonite given and family names.

But let us back up for a minute. First of all, you should know, dear reader, that there are a whole lot of Mennonites in Manitoba. Also, Mennonites tend to be fairly predictable in their naming customs.

The names used on this site come from several sources, including some reputable surveys like those referenced in the previous link, but mostly they were provided to me by friends from Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. For that reason, the lists from which names are drawn skew specifically towards those frequently encountered in southern Manitoba, and this is borne out both in what names are included and their spellings. The complete list, as of this writing, is as follows:

Given Names

Family Names

But wait, you say you've never met a Mennonite named Dorcas? That's because there probably aren't any. Dorcas is just a hilarious name.

Also, it bears mentioning that, while the tone of this website could be perceived as mocking, (1) it is an affectionate mocking, and (2) refresh the page a couple times—my methods are sound.

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